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I’ve taken a long time to make this first posting because I’be avoided the subject of meDon’t toot your own horn as my mother used to tell me. She was born in 1904, but since the 19th century’s head of steam lasted until the Great War of 1914 blew it apart, I think it’s fair to call her 19th century.

The thing is, the 19th century believed piously in larger truths, and that conviction was one of my mother’s lasting bequest to me however anachronistic it has made me.

I believe larger truths are out there and it the mission of  homo sapiens sapiens to find them. The 20th-century destroyed all those larger truths Western Civilization had built up in the previous half milennion to leave only one: That there are no larger truths !.

Which is why the 21st is on its way to hell in a hand-basket.

Now, as coincidence would have it, that is also the worldview of Bob Kwadekarahds a.k.a. ‘Kaddy’, narrator-hero of my novel-in-progress DEATH ON A SLIDE: A Story of Murder and Music. ‘Kaddy’ plays trombone in a little band but finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation and, wouldn’t you know it, he wants larger reasons.


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